Why Forex is Very Popular in South Africa

Many traders in South Africa have experienced the immense fortunes that can be acquired through forex trading. In fact, for many South Africans, forex trading has been a life-changing experience, with the ability to make anyone his/her own employer and reaping the profits over an exceptionally short period of time. While it is true that […]

Top tips for trading contracts for difference

Contracts for difference, or CFDs, are neat investment instruments that have become increasingly popular in recent years. As derivative products, they don’t confer ownership rights on their buyers – but they allow those buyers to access a fast and powerful trading world that mimics and follows the ups and downs of the real market. They […]

Finding the best tradable assets

You will have many times when you have to decide what to trade in Forex. Trading in Forex is not easy if you have not made up your find. When traders are trading in the market, they like to trade for many trades at once. This is a mistake which they pay with their money. […]

Versatility of margin accounts in forex

Do you know about the margin accounts? Do you maintain a margin account with the broker? When you consider the section ‘margin accounts’ it important to understand that it is a vast area and you should be well-versed in that area because as much as there are benefits there are drawbacks as well. As traders, […]

Candlestick Charting For Forex Traders

We’ve written before about the different types of forex accounts, and to be sure each one illustrates a different way to approach this unique market. But no matter how you design your forex account, you’ll need to learn to read the fluctuations in currency pairs similarly. In that regard, you can never be too prepared. […]

Three Types of Forex Accounts

The goals that an investor has when they decide to trade in foreign currency will determine the type of forex account that they open. Most investors choose between three different accounts; a forex mini account, a managed forex account or a full forex account. Forex mini account A forex mini account is one which is […]

Ways in which you can benefit from Forex Trading

Forex trading has become quite common as many people are involved in trading to earn more and more money. There are many benefits forex trading offers to the traders. A look at forex benefits by new traders When new traders enter the market, they are not completely aware of the various benefits trading provides them. […]

Forex Software: How to Buy Forex Software

Forex software is available today for very reasonable prices. However, you should learn how to buy forex software so you still find incredible bargains on quality trading systems. Some simple buying tips for forex traders include the following: • Of course, one sign that you are making the right choice on particular software is that […]

Forex Software Trading Review: Forex News Software

One type of forex software keeps you updated on current trading activity. The function of computer programs such as Forex News Software is similar to the ticker tapes and news reports you see on Television or other video sources. Forex News Software Components Squawk box – This is the scrolling headlines similar to what you […]

Purpose and Benefits of Online Forex Trading Software

Online Forex trading software has been created to make the exchange of foreign currency easier. Oftentimes, users of various online and computer-downloadable tool increase chance of making a profit. The Purpose Traditionally the practice of making Forex trades at times required use of very technical mathematical equations. This often placed limits on the type of […]